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PLEASE come together to stop SCHOOL SHOOTINGS and VIOLENT ATTACKS. Please pledge time in your day, every day, to reach someone and spread the message that change and awareness is needed. Something is terribly wrong in this country, and we can not go back to our normal lives! We've been caught up in the "THEY" will fix this mind-set. But "WE" are the "THEY." The March for Our Lives movement has shown us this, these teenagers are no longer waiting for the adults!


ADULTS, now is the time! We need drastic change. 90% of the what we read, watch and listen to is controlled by six major companies, let’s come together as a nation and petition these media outlets to focus on public announcements and to produce content directly related to understanding and stopping these incomprehensible school shootings and attacks at NO COST to the content providers.


Please join this petition, spread the message that we're not interested in movies, sports, sit-coms, cooking shows, drama, comedy or anything else until we solve this incomprehensible problem. We want information and answers, we want policy change. As adults, we cannot go back to status quo — it's time, it's now — STOP watching and tell big media to change the programming. 








We are NOT Going


Random teenagers and adults are senselessly ending lives. They are devastating families and communities, and creating fear and terror within our society. The frequencies of these tragedies are escalating, and as a nation, we can no longer return to normal. Everyone wants a solution, we all want change, and the media industry has the power to make this change.  


The victims have been silenced and we
need to speak for them through action! 


@Comcast  @Newscorp  @Disney @National Amusements (Viacom, CBS) @TimeWarner  @Sony please realign your focus by broadcasting informative and effective content that will result in change as it relates to finding the solutions to school shootings, gun violence and the mental health issues that are resulting in mass murder attacks in the USA and around the world.


Activists, individuals and organizations, please contact  

 @Comcast  @Newscorp @Disney  @National Amusements (ViacomCBS) @TimeWarner  @Sony   and let them know what type of media you can provide. Everyone involved in the production of media, please realign your focus to include messaging to promote solutions and awareness. There are people and organizations ready to be heard. They have solutions and strategies for fixing this horrific, unacceptable and incomprehensible issue facing the US and the world. Let there be no cost associated with disseminating this message through major media outlets.


We need to take sweeping comprehensive
measures to fix this incomprehensible problem. 


EVERYONE needs to be involved, we are at a crisis level and everyone knows it. Stop watching and demand a change in programming. Everyone needs to pledge time in their day, every day, to reach someone and spread the message. We need public announcements, hot line information and resources to become main-stream media and available freely to all. It is only through education, awareness and constant vigilance that we can stop these tragedies. 


Organizations that are making a difference and need to be heard include:


SAVE | Students Against Violence Everywhere program

National School Board Association

The Committee for Children

Children's Safety Network


AASA | The School Superintendents Association

NASRO | National Association of School Resources Association

 NEA | National Education Association

NASLEO | National Association of School Safety and Law Enforcement



Give them AIR TIME, bring these messages into our homes around the clock.


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We are NOT

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